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Monday, June 27, 2011

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is Nearly There!

One of the most anticipating movie of the year! Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is coming to the cinema on the 29th June, just a few days left people! I'm a huge fans of Transformers since kids back then. When we watch the cartoon every day after school in the evening.

Here, I will post the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon TV spot which is a bit different from the Internet trailer. You can see much more sneak peeks from the movie.



- Optimus Prime seems got a new upgrade. A pair of wing on his back. Maybe from Jetfire from the last sequel.

- When Megan Fox dropped out shortly before filming began, Gemma Arterton, Ashley Greene, Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr, Bar Refaeli, Amber Heard, Camilla Belle, Katie Cassidy, Heidi Montag and Anna Kendrick were all rumored to replace her before Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was cast.

- The Autobots have upgraded their alternate modes: - Bumblebee has received an upgrade and is now a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro - Ratchet's color scheme now includes white and his green is more grass-green than his previous neon/yellow green - Sideswipe is now a Chevrolet Centennial Corvette convertible.

- The "dark of the moon" is defined as a phase (approximately three days) when the light of the moon is obscured, and thus absent (i.e. a no-moon time), and precedes the new moon and the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Symbolically, it represents a time of inner stillness and contemplation, and preparedness for a new beginning.

- Megatron's alternate mode in this film is a Mack Titan tanker truck, his first Earth disguise. This was chosen to put him on parallel with Optimus Prime (the filmmakers described him as "a demented version of Prime"). This mode also pays homage to the "Transformers: Robots in Disguise" (2001) Decepticon Scourge (also known in Japan as "Nemesis Prime"), who is an evil clone of Optimus Prime.

- Michael Bay compared Megatron to Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now (1979): "He's hiding in the jungles of Africa, nursing his wounds and vainly hiding his pulverized visage while plotting - what else? - revenge!"

Source: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) Trivia.

Enough with the Trivia eyy. Better watch it yourselves!

Autobots. Roll out!!

p/s: "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing." - Optimus Prime.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Funny Tweets - #Operation Malaysia

This is the collection of tweets from Twitter about #OperationMalaysia

muhd faris abrar

Friday, June 17, 2011

Who is this so called Anonymous?

Now SKMM (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi Multimedia Malaysia) already block a lot of File Hosting / Sharing Website like:

Yeah. You read it right. Thank God, 4 Shared still there but I doubt that it wont be so long till the website will be block as well. It's a pain in the ass really, because not all user, use it for illegal stuff like piracy and misused copyrights. But if we used it in a good way, it could be more convenience such as transferring big files to another friend using the file hosting, where normally, mail doesn't allowed to transfer file bigger than 10MB, you can also use the file hosting as a virtual hard disk, where we can keep our digital stuff so to speak inside the file hosting website and many more.

Well then, after the chaos, this group called Anonymous came out from out of nowhere.

They were the one that responsible of the group launched attacks on ninety-one websites of the Malaysian government in response to the blocking of websites like Wikileaks and The Pirate Bay within the country, which the group labels censorship of a basic human right to information.

A flag conveying symbolism associated with Anonymous. The symbolism of the "suit without a head" represents leaderless organization and anonymity

They put a warning video on Youtube called - Operation Malaysia

I've do a bit of reading, this “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, posted a mission statement to Pastebin on June 12 describing the reasoning behind their planned and upcoming attack on official Malaysian government websites. Anonymous warned, “We fear that if you make further decisions to take away human freedom, we obligated to act fast and have no mercy.”

Anonymous claims that Malaysia is preventing the free distribution of information by censoring its internet, calling it “one of the world’s strictest governments,” similar to the reasoning behind their recent attacks on Turkish government websites, after which 32 people—who the Turkish government claimed were members of Anonymous—were arrested.

This group is a very good hackers. The nature of Anonymous is most accurately described in their name. They view themselves as less of a real group and more of a collective of voices who speak out and protest against censorship and what they believe are efforts to suppress the freedom of speech and information. The composition of their membership may vary from day to day and anyone can be a part of anonymous at any time without any real or permanent stake.

When asked if they had a large user base in the Middle East, they responded, “[our] groups aren’t groups, they’re scattered everywhere. We don’t even know.”

The thing that makes it hard or rather impossible to track down the hackers is that they are using VPN or Virtual Private Network. It is a secure way of connecting to a private local area network at a remote location, using the internet or any unsecure public network to transport the network data packets privately, using encryption. The VPN uses authentication to deny access to unauthorized users, and encryption to prevent unauthorized users from reading the private network packets. The VPN can be used to send any kind of network traffic securely, including voice, video or data.

How Virtual Private Network works

Which means, anyone who wants to track them and try to access their network, they will need the encryption or password to pass. They also put many nodes or network point, make it harder to trace the place of the hackers, and many nodes, means many spoof IP address.

Cool eyy?


SKMM Will Block File Sharing Website

The Epoch Times: Interview with Anonymous Hackers, Malaysia Next Target

Wikipedia: Anonymous

Wikipedia: Virtual Private Network

p/s: Fight hackers, with hackers.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

Saya di sini bukan untuk membicarakan tentang Adinda Evans yang berbangga selaputnya sudah tiada, mahupun berbicara tentang mencampak bayi dari tingkat tinggi. Nampak koneksi di antara dua point di situ? Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal.

Okay. Berdirinya saya di sini untuk menerangkan bahawa, adakah anda perasan di mana banyak peralatan elektronik zaman ini di namakan sempena nama buah-buahan ataupun benda-benda yang ada di sekeliling kita.

  • Blackberry
  • Apple
  • Windows
  • Orange
Dan tahukah kamu semua bahawa ayat ini semua boleh di gabungkan menjadi satu perbualan yang menarik. Saya merepek? Yes? Orait. Saya merepek. Apa-apahal, mari kita layan video di bawah ini.

Thanks to Atiqah Jaafar

p/s: For kids? Give them Eggs Box, 360. FTW!
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