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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iklan penuh gaya

4 sekawan minyum-minyum bersama di sebuah kedai mamak tempatan.

Mapley: Boss, mau order apa boss?

Kawan 1: Bagi teh tarik satu boss.

Kawan 2: Saya mau sirap limau satu boss.

Kawan 3: Bagi saya nescafe ais satu boss.

Kawan 4: Ermm...

*Sambil memandang televisyen di kedai mamak tersebut*

Kawan 4: Saya nak TV satu !

*Diiringi dengan runut bunyi*

Mapley: Orait !

p/s: Situasi berdasarkan iklan televisyen tempatan. Ia tidak melibatkan mana-mana boss syarikat tempatan mahupun luar negara.

Monday, July 19, 2010

BBQ @ Genting Highlands Episode: 2

Yeah. Its BBQ @ Genting Highlands Episode: 2 yaww ! It started from 2 until 3 July 2010. After a long plan and date searching, we manage to organize second time BBQ at Genting Highlands. All the food preparation were made at Azrina's house (Thanks to Uncle' Anuwi and family for letting us used the kitchen) with amir leading the food preparation. He's very good at cooking. All the chicken marinate was delicious i tell ya, especially the black pepper. Mencongkam !

The next day, we start our journey around 5pm where 2 cars headed first, Azran's Gen-2 and mine's Viva (Azrina's car actually, i'm just driving it :p ) and arrived about 6++ pm. We check in to the apartment first and have a rest. Then we take out the food's and begin the preparation for the BBQ. Esan's group arrived late but they headed straight to the club house not at the apartment and go straight to the swimming pool -.- It was raining slowly that night, but it not prevent us to continue with the BBQ. The chicken was delicious so as the skewer. We then watch the world cup match between Netherlands vs Brazil and Brazil lose. LOL. After that we go straight to the swimming pool and play UNO inside the swimming pool. Cool ey.

The next day we go to the Genting Theme Park. It was very cold, maybe because of the rain last night. We try so many ride over there but the Cyclone Coaster and the Spidey Coaster is totally WICKED ! It was a rush. Adrenaline rush ! Though a lil bit dizzy. Hehe. We went down about 4pm to the apartment but esan's group go straight back to KL because put will celebrate his mother's birthday at night. After check out and have lil chat with Kak Dayah we went to Gombak to have something to eat since we are so hungry because we didn't have anything to eat except snacks at Genting -.-

Then we convoyed back and send all the fellow paraukians to their home. I headed to KLCC and rempit back home. What a tiring day. Very tired since i had to drive all the way at Genting. But it was fun. Thank you my fellow friends !

p/s: Why we didn't do the Truth or Dare game? -.-

Up and Above

7 July 2010, I have the opportunity to attend a training with an international company which is Bloomberg. The training is about how to use the Bloomberg application for the market and traders. Not my cup of coffee but its a good additional information for me so that in the future i can help other staff to troubleshoot the Bloomberg application. If i can i guess. Haha.

It was quite though because, from the keyboard to the configuration, it was all different from a normal machine or application. The best thing about the training is that, we can eat so many food at their pantry and ohh, there's a goodie bag also with umbrella, pendrive and a couple of stationary inside. Ohh. And i get to go to Level 61 Tower 2 KLCC where the company HQ is. Good experience though !

p/s: Experience is priceless ! Dont take them for granted.

Sunday Morning Rain is Falling

Yesterday, Sunday, 18 July 2010, Me, Ida, Nensi with Salad and his friends went to Bukit Cerakah for a cycling trip. It was fun but tiring also because there's a lot of hill need to be climb. We went to the animals farm where they got porcupine, birds, horse, tortoise and many more. The porcupine cage sure is stinks -.- Salad and his friends went to swimming at the swimming pool nearby the animals farm. Me, Ida and Nensi sit down catch some old time stories and new gossip of course. Wow. Its been awhile i didn't see Ida. She's got cuter i guess. After all the cycling we went to the Pak Li Kopitiam. The boys were all wet because we ride motorbikes in the middle of the rain -.-

Then i went home to get prepared for to see the fellow paraukians at KLCC. Azrina wants to pass the souvenire's that she buy at Langkawi. I made an EXCELLENT prank where i told the guys where i cannot make it to KLCC due to raining and i feel like getting fever. When i show up at the Signature KLCC, Azrina scream when she sees me like she's seeing a ghost or something. HAHA. After get some pasta and a long chit chat with the paraukians, we went out for a "fresh air" outside when my college friend alim (who happens to be there also and i didn't noticed him) try to pretend to snatch my wallet in an attempts to scare me. Damn. I was so shock at that time until i realize he was my friend -.-

Then went back home taking LRT to Kelana Jaya and call my college at Sunway College and another friend lepak-lepak minyum-minyum at Al-Rafi. It was tiring day though but fun. Hari minggu yang aktif katenye.

p/s: Why did you treat me different. Did i do something wrong? I read our old sms conversation. And i miss it dearly. Thank You.
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