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Monday, July 19, 2010

Up and Above

7 July 2010, I have the opportunity to attend a training with an international company which is Bloomberg. The training is about how to use the Bloomberg application for the market and traders. Not my cup of coffee but its a good additional information for me so that in the future i can help other staff to troubleshoot the Bloomberg application. If i can i guess. Haha.

It was quite though because, from the keyboard to the configuration, it was all different from a normal machine or application. The best thing about the training is that, we can eat so many food at their pantry and ohh, there's a goodie bag also with umbrella, pendrive and a couple of stationary inside. Ohh. And i get to go to Level 61 Tower 2 KLCC where the company HQ is. Good experience though !

p/s: Experience is priceless ! Dont take them for granted.

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