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Saturday, July 2, 2011

When Sam Witwicky Said Who Says?

Okay. After this there's a lot of blog post from me involving the Transformers. Well, just deal with it. Haha. You know Selena Gomez right? Actually she's admired the Transformer "messenger" or hero, Sam Witwicky or better known as Shia LaBoeuf. She's maybe a well known celebrity but she is still a normal everyday teenager.

Here, her friends prank her saying that a fan wants to meet her but end up seeing Shia in pure excitement. Shia is also looks very excited meeting her and spend some time with her. I'm not into Selena Gomez but look at Shia. I watch him before he become famous with Transformers when he involves with the family comedy series Even Stevens. It is often credited for launching Shia LaBoeuf breakout career as an actor.

Source: Luna Lanun.

p/s: "You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves. From here, the fight will be your own."

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