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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anfield Cat

You know the cat that invade the KOP's turf right. Someone make a parody account for the feline footballer. LULZ. Here is the funny feline tweet:

- enjoyed my quick run around on the hallowed anfield turf #anfieldcat #meow

- dissapointed I didn't manage to put the ball in the net, it would of been purrrfect #ifonlyiwasabeachball #anfieldcat #meow

- in my 3 minute cameo I've ran past more players than Stewart Downing has all season #anfieldcat #meow

- think it's time for a cat nap, I ran my legs off tonight in true @Dirk_18_Kuyt fashion #anfieldcat #meow

- if I can get past friedel, getting past de gea should be simple #seeyouatoldtrafford #anfieldcat #meow

- hoping to get more time on the pitch at old trafford, I might have to just sit on the sidelines, a bit like michael owen #anfieldcat #meow

- I've been told i'm quite fast and agile, I’m hoping to steal a career on the basis of this, similar to that of Theo Walcott #anfieldcat

- good morning all, hope everyone is feline okay today #anfieldcat #meow

- would just like to CATegorically rule myself out of the running as the next england captain.

- MUFC reportedly have dogs guarding the pitch this weekend, I can confirm, some of the players wives and girlfriends will be attending

Follow the Anfield Cat at Twitter: @AnfieldCat

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