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Monday, February 27, 2012

Artists create stunning light display with a battery and burning wire wool!

All great art starts with the spark of an idea.

And that was literally the case with two artists trying to capture the energy of the dozens of industrial buildings which surrounded their neighbourhood.

Steve Schubert and Ben Van Wyke created these magical light displays by setting steel wool alight and whirling it round their head.

They visited building sites, architectural features and picturesque woods to create the dramatic shots, in a bid to bring their surrounding to life.

They used a nine volt electric battery to set it on fire and span it around in circles to create a shower of sparks, which look just like a beautiful revolving Catherine Wheel.

The pair, from Indianapolis, U.S., then captured the scene on camera using six to eight second exposures.

The technique, which they practised for one night in a back garden, has resulted in a series of interesting pictures, contrasting the blazing steel wool with the dark night behind.

Some of the shots could have come straight out of a Harry Potter novel, with powerful light field stretching over his head like an umbrella and down to the ground.

One, where the artist stands on a wet surface, looks just like a fountain of light spurting out of the centre.

Steve, who works as a university Spanish teacher, said: ‘We have a lot of industrial and manufacturing businesses here, and we wanted to come up with a way of bringing them to life.


p/s: Magnificent

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