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Monday, February 27, 2012

PlayStation Vita Hits Singapore, Still No News On Malaysian Release

After a long while since it was launched in Japan, the new Sony PlayStation Vita is finally here in Southeast Asia but unfortunately, Malaysia will not be part of its initial SEA’s launch. The successor to the long-running Sony PlayStation Portable has made Singapore as its first destination which automatically made our Southern neighbor as the first country (and so far, the only confirmed SEA country) to officially receive PlayStation Vita.

Starting yesterday, the PlayStation Vita is available at retailers throughout the country with a price tag of RM 960 (SGD 399) for a standard stand-alone Wi-Fi package. Apparently, the 3G model didn’t make it to the market just yet. Of course, the new portable gaming device is also available as part of value packs and software bundles which are priced between RM 1,129 (SGD 469) to RM 1,201 (SGD 499). In terms of games, there are 31 titles available at the Singapore’s launch.

We always recommend you to wait for the Malaysian launch even though there are no details about it for the time being although there is indeed some indication on Sony Malaysia’s Facebook page. However, if you simply can’t wait for it any longer, just cross the Causeway to grab yourself a brand new Sony PlayStation Vita over in Singapore.


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