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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The skateboard controlled by brainwaves that moves wherever you want!

Thinking of getting somewhere in a hurry? A new gadget from mobile app studio Chaotic Moon Labs proves that the future of travel is only limited by the imagination.

A skateboard, aptly named the Board Of Imagination, takes commands directly from the rider's brainwaves and transfers them to and 800-watt motor that propels the board forward.

Think of a destination, and how fast you would like to get there, and the Board Of Imagination will take off - hitting a top speed of around 30mph. If you think that's too fast, it will slow down.

The secret is in special software in an onboard Samsung tablet with Windows 8 - and a natty headset that monitors and interprets brainwaves.

The general manager of Chaotic Moon Labs, who refers to himself simply as Whurley, shows that he has mastered the art of thinking his way from Point A to Point B.

So far, he's the world's leading pilot of the board, but it's clear that there could be skaters thinking themselves all over the place in no time at all.

The problem with the board is that users really do have to keep their minds on the job at hand. If you start thinking about lunch, or chores you might have to do when the ride ends, the ride might end a lott sooner and more abruptly than you'd plan.

Sounding like a man speaking from painful experience, Whurley said: 'We quickly realised that we would have to find a way to handle distraction. While we did the best we can to compensate, it will always be an issue for most riders.

Footage on Youtube of the board being put through its paces is mind-blowing.


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