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Monday, February 6, 2012

Special delivery! How one sperm bank decided to transport its samples across Copenhagen.

It's certainly one way to stand out from the crowd.

But this sperm-shaped bike aims to serve a higher purpose by encouraging men to make donations to help childless couples around the world.

The European Sperm Bank (ESB) in Copenhagen came up with the design while trying to find environmentally friendly ways to transport their samples to fertility clinics around the city and surrounding area.

Inside the head of the giant sperm is a cooler compartment designed so that the metal containers with sperm donations can fit snugly inside and be kept cold.

Mr Bower, who rides the bike around town himself, says he is constantly stopped by curious passersby who want to take photos of it or ask questions about the unique design.

He added: 'We’re always looking for new donors, so it’s a fine bonus that the Sperm Cell Bike gets people's attention.'

The bike has also been adopted by the ESB's sister company, the Seattle Sperm Bank in the U.S.


p/s: Sperm Delivery anyone?

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