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Friday, March 16, 2012

iPad HD fever spreads round the world!

- Fans have been sleeping on the street to get their hands on Apple's latest tablet

- Construction manager grabs the first new iPad in Sydney as midnight strikes

- One man was paid £600 to wait in the queue for four days

- 'Oh my goodness - it's so beautiful' say component experts

- Tech reviewers are unanimous: The screen is a revolution

- Critics still lambast Apple's closed eco-system and lack of ports and expandable memory

Apple fans have spent days sleeping on the street waiting for the third iPad, which goes on sale at 8am today.

A queue has already formed outside the flagship Apple store on London's Regent Street as people wait to snap up the gadget when it goes on sale.
Zohaib Ali, 21, of Uxbridge, who is the first in line after queuing for five days, said: ‘The iPad is the best product of the year and there won't be any more until 2013 so I am happy to queue. I love Apple products.’

Mr Ali suffers from autism and his mother, Rahat Ali, believes that Apple products have helped him overcome his disability.

She said: ‘Apple products are very good for autism. They are very easy to use and he is relaxed when he is using them. Usually he doesn't want to go out in a crowd but he is very happy queuing here.’

The tablet computer, which has a higher resolution screen than previous models and a five megapixel camera with auto focus and auto exposure, ranges in price from £399 to £659.

He said he could not wait for the device, ever since Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed the device last week.

First buyer Tarashenko said: 'When Tim Cook announced it, it sounded like such a magical tool. I just got hyped into it, I guess.'

The new iPad is going on sale in ten countries on Friday, including the United States, Canada, Singapore, France and United Kingdom.

Eagle-eyed shoppers may see that, due to exchange rates and pricing, Australians are paying less than UK residents, who shell out £399 for the most basic model.

The clamour for the device is intense - among those in the queue outside Sydney's flagship Apple Store was Stephen Parkes, who was paid more than £600 to wait in line for four days by the founder of an odd jobs website.
Another man, student Ryan Han, also queued for hours. He said: 'I get a high waiting in the line and picking up one of the first products being retailed.

'I did that for iPad 1, 2 and will do it for 4 as well.'
As the countdown continues outside Australia, early reviews of the new iPad are arriving - and there is only one word on everyone's lips: Screen, screen, screen.

While the new 'pad is more of an evolution than a revolution in most areas, it is not hyperbole to refer to the display as a revolutionary jump, and it appears to be love at first sight for every single person who gets a glimpse.


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