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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The zombie survival 'Google Map' that will help you find food and guns after the undead apocalypse

It's well known horror film fact that when a zombie apocalypse arrives, those who want to see off the army of the undead need a variety of supplies to survive.

Nearby medical care, weapons and nutrition are the key concerns for anyone hoping to successfully avoid being feasted on by rampant zombie legions.

Now, should any remaining humans be overcome by confusion or panic during the zombie invasion, a unique world map has been created detailing all the key locations people need to survive.

The 'Zombie Survival Map' plots petrol stations, grocery stores, and even gun shops in major cities across the world, should the worst happen and the undead take over the planet.
Mapped out in an ominous black and red colour scheme, the map, the map shows the nearest location for key locations in the fight against zombies, such as convenience stores, gun shops, and hardware stores.

Usefully, it also points out liquor stores, shopping malls, military facilities and police stations.

Kuala Lumpur area

Kuala Lumpur area

Cool eh. Cekidaut their website:


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