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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sneak peek behind-the-scenes snap of Iron Man 3

Sneak peek behind-the-scenes snap of Iron Man 3 reveals Tony Stark's extensive collection of super suits

This summer has already seen The Avengers unite to ignite the box office with its big budget outing.

Next year, however, Iron Man is set to return to the big screen in his third

solo showing and Disney have released the first official still from the film.

The new snap shows all of Tony Stark's various mechanical suits lined up and put on display.

The garage, or hub, is where Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr, keeps all of his expensive and dangerous armour, even his Mach-1 suit is kept there.

Actor James Badge Dale was spotted on the set of the movie in Wilmington for the second day of shooting, suited up in the full Iron Patriot outfit.

It remains to be seen how the Iron Patriot fits into the plot of the new movie, as the name is used to describe the special Iron Man-type armour which featured the Captain America design.

However, the Iron Patriot costume was previously seen being worn by Spider-Man villain Norman Osbourne in the comic books.

To add more confusion to the mix, Badge Dale is starring as Lt. Col. Eric Salvin, aka Coldblood, in the latest movie

Coldblood and Havok, art by Paul Gulacy

Coldblood - Fictional character biography: While still a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army at Camp Killian, Eric Savin was put in charge of Project: Ultra-Tech. There he met the love of his life, Lieutenant Gina Dyson. While on patrol, Savin stepped onto a freshly planted mine which blew him into pieces. He was dead for 2.3 minutes. Gina immediately performed cybernetic surgery on him. The surgery was successful — Savin was alive, but resurrected as a cyborg by Mako's Project: Ultra-Tech. Dyson, his former lover, aided him in battling Mako and his robots, and apparently slew Mako in combat. The "7" in Coldblood's original name was stated to be a mere wordplay on Coldblood's real name "Eric Savin", as his surname is pronounced in the same way.

Source: Daily Mail

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