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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Angry Man Smashes Up T-Mobile Shop in Manchester

An unhappy customer smashed up a city centre mobile phone shop during an apparent row over a refund for a mobile phone contract.

Shocked shoppers filmed Jason Codner, 42, from Salford, on their phones as he methodically ripped out wall fixtures and set off fire extinguishers at the T-Mobile store in Manchester city centre.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson said they were aware of Saturday's incident and that Jason Codner, from Salford, had been charged with criminal damage and public order offences.

He is due to appear at Salford and Manchester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 30 July.

A police spokesman said: 'At 4.25pm on Saturday 30 June 2012, police were called to T Mobile store on Market Street in Manchester City Centre to reports of an aggressive customer.

'A 42-year-old man got into a verbal altercation with members of staff and started to damage items in the store.

'it appears he didn't get the response he wanted after a conversation about his mobile phone contract.'

One shopper said: 'The footage is unreal and we couldn’t believe how much damage had been caused.

'He must have been seriously angry about something to go on such a rampage. Normally disgruntled shoppers would have just an exchange of words with a member of a staff about a product but this guy took it to a whole new level.'


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