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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Burger King worker who posted pictures of himself standing in bins of lettuce

We're used to hearing stories of how fast news can travel on the internet.

But rarely do we see how effective it can be at tracking down suspects who would otherwise remain anonymous.

When a Burger King employee posted pictures of himself stepping in bins of lettuce, offended fast-food lovers took a mere 15 minutes to expose him.

The image was captioned with the words, ‘This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King’ and posted on internet image board 4chan.

However, the other 4chan users were so appalled by the man’s actions they took the GPS data included in the picture and pinpointed where it was taken.

Once the local news media were contacted, it was only a matter of time before the unsanitary suspect was uncovered.

4chan users involved in the manhunt expressed their disgust on the site.

'Enjoy getting fired,' said one.

'Just got off the phone with the manager,' said one user who called the franchise after tracking down the address of the branch.

'He's pissed'.

'LOL. OP is gonna be in trouble...Don't f**k with people's food,' says another.

Their actions were so applauded, another internet site, Reddit, made a montage of the postings in celebration of the users' detective work.

The man will be fired along with the shift manager who was on duty at the time says the news source.


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