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Friday, August 3, 2012

Dani Gyurta will send a replica of his Olympic gold to Dale Oen’s family

Olympic Champion Daniel Gyurta today told Hungarian press, that he will have a copy made of his London 2012 gold medal, and send it to Alexander Dale Oen’s relatives, as a gesture saying that not only Norway shares the pain.

'We became very good friends this year’, he said, ‘I’m sure that he would have won the 100 here in London’, ‘This is the least I can do to pay respect to my friend’. Bjørn Soleng, General Secretary of the Norwegian Swimming Federation, says on behalf of the family that he is sure that they will appreciate this very much.

p/s: On 30 April 2012, at around 19:50 MST Dale Oen was found unconscious in his hotel bathroom after having suffered a heart attack, caused by chronic, undetected coronary heart disease, a rare disease for a person of his age and fitness. He was found in his bathroom by one of his teammates, and CPR was performed before Dale Oen was brought to Flagstaff Medical Center. He was pronounced dead at 21:00 MST. Dale Oen was attending a training camp with the Norwegian swimming team in Flagstaff, Arizona at the time of his death.


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