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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

(SOLUTION) Choppy Connection from Unifi Router to Your Smartphone Solution

TM Unifi normally gave their customer a wonky router. Either you change it to a new one or just play around with the settings and configuration.

You can try the below setting, hope it will help you from your misery. LULZ!

1.) Login to your router: Open your browser, type in in the address bar
( is the default setting, unless you change the IP)

2.) Go to 'Wireless' Tab, Click the 'Advance'

3.) Change the DTIM to 1

If you still have problem, Play around the setting in 'Wireless' - 'Basic':
(You need to change these setting to test around)

1.) Change the Channel to 8 or other number. (Mine is 7 by default but I change it to 8)

2.) Change the Band Width to 20 Mhz

3.) Change the Mode to 802.11BG or 802.11BG

Cheers mate!


Mohammad Lukhman Hakem said...

salam bro, dia tk effect ke wireless radio utk laptop?

top_ace7 said...

Wasalam. Tak effect pun.

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