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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Apple's £269 smaller iPad now goes on sale around the world

Apple's new iPad mini has gone on sale around the world.

While a few diehard fans queued for hours to be among the first to own the new smaller iPad, queues were tiny compared to previous launches.

In Hong Kong, reports even claim that staff outnumbered the customers when the store opened.

Experts say bad weather, Hurricane Sandy and increased competition from rivals such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft could be behind to lack of queues.

Experts believe the effects of Hurricane Sandy and the large number of online orders mean the queues were smaller.

Apple fans lined up in several Asian cities to get their hands on the iPad mini on Friday, but the device, priced above rival gadgets from Google and, attracted smaller crowds than at the company's previous global rollouts.

Apple Inc's global gadget rollouts are typically high-energy affairs drawing droves of buyers who stand in line for hours.

But a proliferation of comparable rival devices may have sapped some interest.


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