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Friday, May 22, 2009

So Much For Public Speaking !

lecturer: okey, you guys need to do the public speaking on next week.

me: daym, i thought this public speaking thingy is over since at semester 4. ahh. nevermind. just talk about whatever is easy to me. i guess, world war 2 should do the trick (since i have a deep interest in military history)

on the next weekend,

usually, most of of the students brought their note with them if their presenting public speaking which actually is not good. so i decided to have a go without note. after presenting my speech, the lecturer said that she like that i dont take any note with me and being confidence. she gave me 7/10. at first i thought that, well, not bad, but after that many students brought their note to present their public speaking and some of them bring props and draw something on the white board. guess what. the get 10/10. and i said WTF??

public speaking is syarahan and u dont do syarahan by bringing your freakin props dude ! most of the students talks about freakin lame topics such as handphone, my life, state and pulau pangkor(???) ohh. come on. hahaha. hello. my topics is about world war 2. i dont want to nag about this but at least give some mark for the students that have their confidence to do public speaking without note. if you give full mark for the presenter that speak while looking at the note then they will take for granted and keep doing that until the work environment which they may have a problem during that time.

after a while, the lecturer keep giving full marks to the students and i cannot take it anymore. i angkat kaki and berambus dgn selambernye tanpa menunnggu kelas itu smpai habis.

p.s: i think i got low mark for this paper. hoorraayy ! :)
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