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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Come What June

Starting this june, i'll be moving on to a new place under the order from my boss. Its a tough decision, but i already agreed with him to go to the RBS and stay there as a system admin for at least 1 year (hopefully everything going out well within the period of time)

I've been thinking this thing over and over again because of the distance from home to workplace very far and the expectation is quite high. But i think, if compared to the experience there, its priceless (hopefully).

I'll be leaving Sunway i think. Not sure i'll be coming back there or not. The staff there is very friendly especially the lab team. I'll learn a lot from them.

p/s: And maybe i'll be missing Sunway's amoi. Hahaha.


azLina z. said...

Tempat baru ni kat mana ?

top_ace7 said...

Menara Maxis. Lupa pulak nak story kat ko Ina. hehe.

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