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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Kind Of Girl.

Now, here's what you're supposed to do, and please do not spoil the fun. Copy and paste this into your blog, delete my answers, type on your answers and tag as many as your friends here in blog to answer this.okeh, let's check it out guys!
If you're a guy, post this as - My Kind Of Girl.
If you're a girl, post this as - My Kind Of Guy.

Do you need him / her to be good looking?
as long as she's look sweet to me.

smart pon boleh. hahaha.

Preferred age?
same age or younger.

Preferred height?
lower than me.

How about sense of humor?
yes ! i wanna laugh so much with her !

How about piercings?
no way. earing can lah. haha.

Accept you for who you are?
for sure lah. i dont want anyone to change me. just be yourself laa macha.

Pink hair?
no way.

Mushy or not?
mushy tuu camne ekk? marshmallow tau lah aku. haha.

Thin or fat?
in the middle. baru layan. hahaha.

Black, Brown or White? (skin colour).

Long hair or short hair?

Smells good?
yup. womens with sweet smells can melt guys heart.

no way.

no no no. kang abis aku kena smackdown.

Plays piano/bass/acoustic guitar/violin?
piano and violin seems sweet and cute.

Sings very good?
it will be a good additional. hahaha.

With glasses?
boleh jugak. looks cute.

With braces?
looks cute. but no need lah.

Shy type?
who doesn't like shy girl? so cutee. especially when she shy shy cat gitu. hahaha.

Rebel or good boy / girl
dont want because i'm a rebel also.

Active or passive?

Singer or dancer?

Hip hop?

i want one !

ok jugak. boleh buat bedtime stories kat aku. haha.

Mr / Mrs Love Letter?
ok jugak. so schweet.

yeah ! can play together with me.

no. gedik.

Poem writer?
thats also so schweet.

serious at the right place and time.



Someone who like to tease people?
tease me ok lah. haha.

Speaks 10 languages?

Loyal or Faithful?

Loves children?
OF COURSE LAAAAA ! jadi ibu yang mithali.

p/s: Jawapan di atas tertakluk kepada pindaan dan syarat. Ia mungkin berubah mengikut aliran bursa saham terkini.


azLina z. said...

One more question: Hijab-ed or not ?

Jawapan kau semua a tad cheeky pulak for a guy. Hahaha.

Aku nak buat ! Heee...

top_ace7 said...

of course Hijab !

what do you mean by a tad cheeky?

sila2 buat. hahaha.

MAM said...

you gay eh?

top_ace7 said...

ehh. mana ada. you ni fitnah je.

azLina z. said...

Ala-ala comel pulak cara menjawab tu. ;p

top_ace7 said...

hahahaha. mana ada comel. well. adalah sikit comel ;)

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