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Monday, June 7, 2010

Nuyun's Wedding Reception and Sungai Pisang Trip 5 June 2010

Yup. At last. Nuyun end up her single life with Syauqie in a beatiful marriage at her family's home at Kajang. We convoyed together in a 5 cars cell lead by ex-F1 driver En. Salad with Nensi. He drive quite fast and caused the last car that is waja consist of Put (driver), Esan (car owner), Capik and Fathi. Haha. They have to take a detour to get back on the right track. Third car which is viva la vida consist of me (the steady driver. hehe), Azrina (taukeh viva la vida), Nadiah and Fatin. Followed by Gen-2 Azran, Wani, Dayang and Eleena. And the last one is Ida Raihana (BMW owner. hehe), Baim, Datin Deena, Wida and Salbiah. The trip goin on well because we encounter no critical traffic jams except the waja left behind and end up getting lost. Haha. We arrived at the wedding ceremony at 12.00pm.

The wedding ceremony is very beautiful with many guest coming in, beautiful setup, live band and not to forget, dodgy backup squad from RELA. Haha. Many Petrosains staff and volunteer come to visit where i have the chance to meet some old friends.

After we have said goodbye to the family and taking pictures with Raja Sehari, we make a new and brave plan after the wedding where we agreed to go to Sungai Pisang at Gombak. Bold ey. Tell me about it. HAHAHA. This is my first time to go to the Sungai Pisang which is not bad, where we need to crossed the jungle about 15 minutes and the area is not too big yet still deep. We spend about 1 hour and a half there and went to Melati Petronas to get changed and solat. Then we went to Ariani Restaurant to have our dinner and recap all the things on what we do today. Haha. I arrived at home about 11.00 pm and slept with the same clothes i wear to the wedding and to the Sungai. Believe it. Haha.

p/s: It was fun and bold. Hoping to bring the "others" that cant make it to the Sungai on that day. Haha.

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