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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"I should've not come to work today" *sigh*

That was the first thought when i came to the office. So freakin cold. Because i'm still in the middle of the fever. Dizzy. Coughing. Thank God no sneezing. But still not fully recover yet. At first i want to continue my MC leave, but come to think about it, i'm still new to the office and dont want to take leave more than 1 day, the other thing is that today they want to celebrate Wani's birthday and Azrina will be going to Terengganu tomorrow. And guess what? Azrina will bringing the orange cake ! haha. Now the watch shows about 12:26 PM. I dont know how much longer i can hold on to. My hands are freezing cold. Frostbite mungkin.

When in the office, i noticed that many of the staff also not in a good condition. Some of them are coughing and some of them were sneezing. I guess we're in the middle of the fever season. Hope not the H1N1 season again. (Na'uzubillah). But better take precautions beybeh. If you're feeling unwell and you dont want to wear mask, PLEASE, CLOSED YOUR MOUTH WITH YOUR HAND OR HANDKERCHIEF. Dont spread the disease. Spread the love can lah. haha.

p/s: How I wish i'm at home right now. Sleeping. ZZzzz.

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