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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Take Charge!

On 30th and 31st, there's a training called Take Charge! for my company held at Cyberview Lodge Resort at Cyberjaya. I'm like ohh man, another motivational kinda training again and i'm expecting a boring kinda talk. But what to do, i already registered and boss ask to attend that event.

But my expectation were wrong, way wrong. The motivator is really something else. Different from the one i attend before. He's really good at explaining something, fresh ideas and he's also can perform magic. Level tinggi punya beb! Bukan runcit-runcit!

I came late for the training because of heavy raining and i'm not used to drive in heavy raining because i cannot see properly. Ye. Saya rabun sedikit dan tidak suka memakai cermin mata. Then kena perli dengan the motivator sebab masuk lambat. Haha. The motivator name is Heera Singh. There's a lot we learn for him. He also touched on the things that i'm going thorugh now and how to tackle the problem. Here's some of the quote that i take from his training guide.

~~ You cannot get new results with old habits.
Change is essestial for growth ~~

- Leyland Val Vanderwall.

~~ 99% of failures come from people who make excuses ~~

- Jim Rohn.

~~ You are the only problem you will ever have.
And you are the only solution ~~

- Raymond Douglas Stanford.

~~ Decide what you want. Decide what you are prepared to give up to get it. Get your mind on it. Get on with the work ~~

- H.L.Hunt

His main point is about how to change to a better person inside the company or to be a good individual yourself. He said that we are usually dont want to change or too shy because we already in our comfort zone. When you're already in a company doesn't mean your job is secure, where maybe other candidates can be a good worker rather than you and suddenly you've being kicked out because you dont want to change for the good of the company. Sometimes change were needed as the company or the world goes on. We cannot be as the same person in order to challenge and tackle new situation nowadays or dalam Bahasa Melayu "Masih di takuk lama".

The other thing is that, we tend to blame someone else or something else about anything like for example, we're in the middle of traffic jam and we kept saying curse words out loud and blame other drivers. And you caught in an arguement with other person and you kept saying, "ohh, he told me to do so","no, no, no, he started it first, so it is his fault","its because the weather lah!","ahh, why me? i'm not the one doing the wrong things", egoistic, diverting stories, bla, bla, bla. There's nothing good when you blaming other person for your own good, sometime we need to take the responsibility and start blaming ourselves. Why? Its simple. If you take the blame you can start taking responsibilities and in other way you can start changing yourself to a better person. You also can learn more and start a better understanding on why the problem occurs in the first place so that we can settle it in a good manners way.

He's also good at making jokes where he said "Wife are really complicated and needs attention. Like for example, when the husband ask his wife to go out for a dinner, the usual answer is always be like this - "Up to you lah", "U decide lah" or "Tak kisah lah". But all she ever wanted to do is she want her husband to try to make a guess where she want to have the dinner. When the husband tried so many times, and getting fed-up already, the husband scold his wife, then both getting stuck in an arguement and ended up eating Maggi mee for dinner instead". I was like laughing until my tears come out. Hahahahaha.

Random pic of the day:

Makan- makan !


Beautiful Scenery


p/s: Save the cheerleader, save the world.

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