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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How safe are public toilets? Pervert cafe owner films 900 women in washroom

A cafe owner in Korea had installed a camera in the women's toilet. The owner, who had a criminal record, had filmed 917 customers as they went to the washroom.

The accused, Mr Lee, had been doing this from March 2011, until recently.

Mr Lee's hidden camera was triggered by a movement sensor and started recording once customers entered the washroom.

A female customer who discovered the hidden camera reported the incident to the authorities.

Mr Lee was subsequently arrested by the police, who discovered his video files, arranged according to date, on his computer.

A background check had revealed that he had committed similar offences twice before.

A spokesperson for the police said 'Mr Lee does not have any mental illnesses. However he appears to be seriously into voyeurism.'

STOMPer Voys, who came across this incident in an online reports, said:

"What a pervert.

"And to think he had filmed over 900 women and had arranged his videos according to date.

"Thankfully he was nabbed, or who knows how long this would have gone on."


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