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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Computer Fix: Laptop Showing "Validating Identity"

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem on your laptop wifi? It might be because of the laptop. If its old enough and running windows XP, it does not have the ability to recognize the WPA2 security protocols, which if a new router is installed, is probably the security the network has. Okay, here is the solution:

1) Download the Windows XP WPA2 Hot Fix KB893357

2) Install the Fix and then it will ask to restart your machine.

3)Then double click the wireless connection on the bottom left in your windows tray then go to > Properties > Wireless Networks tab > Choose your connection > Properties > Authentication tab.

4) UN-check the Unable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network

5) Then go to Association tab then change to WPA2-PSK.

6) Key in your network key.

7) Should be okay then. Hopefully. LULZ.

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