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Monday, August 24, 2009

English Speaking Test..

Tadi ada English Speaking Test. Aku datang lambat. huhu. Nasib baik lambat 5 minit je dan madam tak bising. Lagipon ramai lagi budak2 lambat. Group kitorang buat tajuk tentang Television is good for the children. Kitorang buat style debate. Aku opposition. Bes jugak sebab lepas tuu satu kelas debate. Sapa2 yang tak puas hati cakap je. haha. Group kedua present tentang The usage of english language in college. Tajuk paling hangat di pasaran. Masing2 nak tunjuk belang. tak puas hati dan utarakan pendapat masing2. huhu.

Me: If english were fanatically used then our main language will be forgotten and left behind. And most of our student nowadays tend to talk in weird slanga like hip-hop.

Fauzan: English language cannot be force to learn. I learn it slowly outside the school like watching television, reading books and so on.

Eugene: We need to learn english in primary school. How come you can watch TV and understand english if you dont learn it in primary school.

Kena setepek. All the student laugh. Good point though. At the end of the day our group present well and the lecturer give some credit to the student who present well.

p/s: This is the second day of Ramadhan. I'm not feeling well but feeling energetic at the campus. I dont know why. huhu.


Anonymous said...

get well soon..btw, i think u r rite dah we applied english since primary skul but it also more practicle if we empower it by indirect learning..=)

top_ace7 said...

thanks. u are totally right. cannot agreed more :)

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