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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Auto-tune is so random !

HAHAHAHAHAHA. This post really made my day. I've read blogs and other links where this dude called Antoine Dodson who is a normal dude but become a hit in a month. This because of his latest interview about a drug addict dude intrude his house and try to rape his sister.

But his style of his speech is kinda beggin to be auto-tune. HAHAHA. You dont know auto-tune? Please click here. And the person who came up with the auto-tune version of this dude's interview is The Gregory Brothers

The Gregory Brothers are well known for a series of YouTube videos, Auto-Tune the News, in which recorded voices of politicians, and political pundits are digitally manipulated to conform to a melody, making the figures appear to sing. How cool was that lads? HAHAHAHA. And this is the auto-tune version of the dude's interview. Its so wicked yaww !

The auto-tune version of this interview now reach 26, 784, 785 views on youtube and the song now available on itunes. No more Justin Bieber fever anymore baby. This song really owned. BIG TIME ! How cool was that yaww?

p/s: Auto-tune is really random !

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