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Monday, October 4, 2010

Maher Zain Comes to Malaysia !

Yeah. You've heard it. Maher Zain will be coming to Malaysia this 4-15 of October 2010. Dont know him? Aww. Poor thing. Then click HERE !

The concert will be on 14-15 October at Auditorium MBSA Shah Alam but all the ticket were already sold out *Sigh*. I'm not so sure how the ticket were already sold out since there's no real promotion about the concert and the stadium is quite big. Maybe Malaysian people really acknowledge him and his beautiful work. He will be on our local television and radio for an interview with him. So better mark your calendar and watch out for him guys !

I like most of his songs, especially For The Rest Of My Life, InsyaAllah, Palestine Will Be Free and many more. His melody was really beautiful so as the lyric which is very meaningful. Its hard to find a really good contemporary nasyid nowadays. He's really one of the best.

More from Maher Zain? Go to this youtube channel - Awakening Records. There's also other Nasyid singer inside there as well.

p/s: Hope i can watch his concert ! InsyaAllah.

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