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Monday, March 5, 2012

Andre Villas-Boas: 5 Reasons Chelsea Were Right to Sack Him

By now, you are well aware that Andre Villas-Boas’ position as the Chelsea manager has been terminated after only eight months in charge. The former Porto boss was having a tough time finding his touch that he had so perfectly with his former clubs in England and was axed for it.

Here are five reasons why who he is now would have not benefited the club in the future, thus justifying the move.

- Lack of Experience

With only one season of managing a top team, he never experienced player egos, fan wrath, irrational owners, top European sides, a brutal media, huge money transfers, sustained play against even competition, weather issues, managers beyond his caliber, racial suspensions, significant injuries, idiots with too much time on their hands who sit in front of their computers writing articles, the shadow of a past, the prospect of a future, living up to huge expectations, managing players who don’t live up to expectations and, of course, crappy English food.

- Stubbornness in Tactics

In truth, for as much as this team has been awful this season, they are still the same squad, plus Juan Mata, Gary Cahill, Oriol Romeu and Daniel Sturridge that was within a David Luiz-error away from winning the league less than a year ago. This fall from grace cannot honestly be put on only the players when they are looking at their results and the only non positive change being with the coach.

- Questionable in-Game Moves

His most glaring misjudgment came against Manchester United, where, if the team was able to keep intact their 3-0 lead with a half hour to go, he would surely be managing today. Instead he failed to keep up with Alex Ferguson’s moves and looked like a novice playing a grand master in chess.

- Poor Player Management Sense

Managing athletes of this caliber is a two-way street, but Villas-Boas tried to tack up a one way sign. This notion that “I am manager, you respect me” is as antiquated as the humble athlete himself. There is too much money, fame, power and media to ever be able to control the thoughts of your players and keep things in house. So to make sure they don’t get the public to turn on you, you have to respect them back.

- An Unsubstantiated Ego

There is an entire website that lists all of the quotes and clips the manager has made since he first arrived at the club all the way through his sacking today. Not only is it an interesting chronology that could be studied in the way humans defended themselves (he becomes increasingly more hostile as time goes on), but it is plastered with the kind of words you would expect out of some the game’s best minds.

Criticism to refs, players, opposing coaches, the FA and even Abramovich himself would make you think that he has some sort of greatness to his name. Not that he was the winner of a sub-par league and Europe’s runner-up trophy.


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