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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The famous ‘Big Man’ YouTube hit: Allan Pollock

- Look what the big man did to me! Foul-mouthed student thrown off train by passenger says HE'S the victim

- Teenage 'fare dodger' Sam Main, 19, comes forward to defend his behaviour, saying he did have the right ticket and was 'manhandled' by the 'big man'

- Student's father calls for passenger who threw him off to face assault charges

The 'fare-dodging' student who was manhandled off a train by a fellow passenger has defended his actions and claimed he was the victim in a video which has become a YouTube hit.

Footage of the teenage troublemaker being thrown off a train by a fed-up fellow traveller on the ScotRail service between Edinburgh and Perth has become a viral hit after being uploaded to You Tube.

It begins when a conductor is told the teenager doesn't have a ticket and tells the driver of the train to stop until the youngster gets off.

When the youth refuses a shouting match ensues until a passenger, later referred to as 'the big man' leaps to his feet and frogmarches him off the train - and keeps pushing him off when he repeatedly tries to re-board the service.

This is the so called "victim" side of the story.

p/s: Once the swearing starts, you lost your respect mate!

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