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Monday, May 17, 2010

Broga Hill Night Hike 15 May 2010

Yeah. You heard it. We climb the Broga @ night, well, we start climbing at 6.30pm then reach the 1st peak around 7.15pm. At first I was a bit unconfident to hike at night because never heard about hiking the broga in the night time and try to google it but nowhere to find any information or blog about it. But actually there's a lot of people climb at night also. Some people camping at the peak as well.

The tough part is that when you need to climb down the hill in total darkness where if you dont bring a torchlight you will be in a big trouble. Well, its a bit creepy like the Night Walk or Burung Hantu which is the program that normally have in a motivation camp to build self-confidence. Its hard alone to climb down the hill in the morning but its a double hard when you climb down in the night. It takes us over an hour (or more) to manuever the hill in the darkness. Alhamdulillah we make it without any harm or injuries to our group.

p/s: You guys should try sometimes. Verrrryyyy challenging.


Yna Nazri said...

seriously i am honored and proud to have my pic put up on ur blog..hahaha

top_ace7 said...

thank you for your honorable feeling. u can be my ambassador next time. hahaha.

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