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Friday, April 27, 2012

MIT researchers reveal wooden cell phone

It may not have the sleek design or apps of an iPhone, and it can’t even send text messages. But the latest mobile phone has one unique feature - you can build it yourself.

The wooden phone was created by researchers at MIT, and they hope it could change the way phones are made, letting customers build exactly what they want rather than having to rely on phone makers to choose the shape and features.

It uses widely available parts, and the prototype was built using plywood and veneer. A standard nine volt battery powers the phone, and is simply replaced when it runs out.

'Freed from the constraints of mass production, we plan to explore diverse materials, shapes, and functions. We hope that the project will help us explore and expand the limits of do-it-yourself (DIY) practice.'

However, the prototype does have some limitations - while it can make voice calls, text messaging is currently not supported, and internet access and apps are also impossible.

The parts needed for the phone are expected to cost around $150.


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