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Friday, September 21, 2012

(PICTURE) Apple iPhone5 Hype All Around the World

Tech fans gather outside an Apple store before the release of iPhone 5 in Munich (Picture: Reuters)

A customer celebrates being the first to get his hands on the iPhone 5 (Picture: Reuters)

Apple fans queue in Munich before the release of the iPhone 5 (Picture: Reuters)

Fans of Apple wait for the sales launch of the iPhone 5 in Hamburg, Germany (Picture: EPA)

iPhone 5 fans camp outside the Apple store in New York (Picture: Splash)

Customers wait in line outside an Apple store in New York (Picture: Reuters)

Charity campers Peter King, 19 (left) and Ryan Williams 22, both from Kent, set up there tent outside the Apple store in Covent Garden in central London (Picture: PA)

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