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Friday, March 23, 2012

Jeweller's $70M diamond sparkler cut entirely from one 150-carat rock

A Swiss jewellery company has created a ring made from one enormous chunk of diamond.
Shawish Jewellery, a company based in Geneva, unveiled what they have billed as ‘the world’s first diamond ring’.

The 150-carat ring has been valued at around $70million and took one year to construct.

Cut from a single chunk of rough diamond, the ring Original designs were copyrighted and released in April of last year.

For fans who attended the project’s original announcement held in London last year, the wait must have been excruciating.

The dazzling piece of craftsmanship has completely shown up the biggest celebrity rocks on record.

Technically, it was a challenging task to master. Unique laser equipment was purchased to ensure the quality of the diamond didn’t suffer through its construction. A hole was cut right through the middle of the huge rock.

The action risked altering the diamond’s original molecular structure.
The incredible Shawish ring went on display most recently at Baselworld 2012 last week, the annual watch and jewellery trade show staged in Switzerland.

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