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Monday, November 19, 2012

Hactivism: Is it good or bad?

Hacktivism  is the use of computers and computer networks as a means of protest to promote political ends. The term was first coined in 1996 by a member of the Cult of the Dead Cow hacker collective named Omega.

If hacking as "illegally breaking into computers" is assumed, then hacktivism could be defined as "the use of legal and/or illegal digital tools in pursuit of political ends".

These tools include web site defacements, redirects, denial-of-service attacks or DDos, information theft, web site parodies, virtual sit-ins, typosquatting and virtual sabotage.

Some attack governments, large corporations... and steal personal identities. Others use their skills for political activism. They are hackers. And in a rare sit down interview with a member of the infamous collective "Anonymous", they will tell us the truth.

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