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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Did you know that the Twitter bird logo has a NAME?

Since Twitter began in March 2006 its bird logo has remained anonymous – until now.

Two days ago Twitter's Platform/API product manager Ryan Sarver let slip that the world-famous blue bird was in fact called Larry.

He posted a picture from a Twitter meeting he’d been to in which creative director Douglas Bowman was analysing the logo’s evolution and wrote: ‘Going over Design @Twitter. The evolution of the Larry the Bird logo.’

The origin of the name is also a mystery, though there has been some speculation that the bird is named after Larry Bird, who played for the basketball team that Twitter co-founder Biz Stone supports - the Boston Celtics.

The bird’s name has sneaked out before, however – but it didn’t really get noticed.

Twitter’s corporate responsibility manager Jenna Dawn mentioned Larry in March tweet last year and a February 16 tutorial blog post on using the new Twitter this year said: ‘ shortcut: You can quickly close all expanded Tweets by pressing “L” (as in Larry) on your keyboard.’

The Twitter press office declined to comment on Larry.


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